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Landscape lighting is one of the most important aspects of your landscape design. Without the proper lighting, no one will be able to admire the beauty of your outdoor space. Landscape Lighting Installation in Royal Oak MI can also increase your space’s safety by improving your view of the backyard and reducing the risk of falling. Landscape lighting shouldn’t be an overlooked factor, and we advise homeowners to start investing more in it. Our team offers the best landscape lighting in the area because our main goal is to help you illuminate your outdoor space.

Our Various Landscape Lighting Installation Services

LED Landscape Lighting

We only work with the highest quality materials, and that includes using LED bulbs. LED bulbs are more cost-effective and durable than standard light bulbs. They are more energy-efficient, meaning that you will notice a reduction in your utility bill cost, and the installation process is quick. There are different LED bulb types, and our team is an expert on each one of them. Depending on your style, goals, and landscaping design, we will choose the right LED bulb shape and color and quickly install it for you.

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Security & Ambience

Our landscape lighting system isn’t only useful to increase your house’s curb appeal, but it is all a great addition to your security. When your house is properly illuminated, it can prevent intruders from hiding in the shadows and finding a way into your home without you or your neighbors noticing it. We install landscape lighting in different parts of your outdoor space, including path lights and driveway lighting, illuminating dark corners to ensure that you always have a clear view of the area. Our landscape installation system will also prevent anyone from suffering an accident due to the inability to see throughout the backyard properly.

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Commercial Grade Lighting

We offer commercial-grade lighting solutions for your landscape. This type of lighting has many advantages in comparison to residential lighting. Commercial-grade products have better quality and are created to have a longer lifespan than residential lightings. Our team is an expert in a wide range of commercial-grade lighting products. We can provide you with assistance on which option is more suitable for you depending on your house and needs. Additionally, using commercial-grade lighting products is a great way to save money as they tend to be more durable.

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Benefits Of Our Landscape Lighting Installation in Royal Oak MI

Our Landscape Lighting Installation in Royal Oak MI allows you to give your outdoor space a new use. Now you can illuminate it to gather family reunions or entertain friends. You can use lighting in different shapes and colors depending on the style you want. Our lighting installation will highlight the best landscaping decoration in your homes, such as the walkway, trees, or garden walls. You will not only enjoy your garden more but increase your home’s curb appeal. You won’t have to deal with the complicated installation process, gathering the materials, and making sure the design looks perfect. Our team will do anything for you. Tri-County Services offers Landscape Lighting Installation in Royal Oak MI, Bloomfield Hills, Rochester, Rochester Hills, Troy, Royal Oak, Auburn Hills, and the surrounding areas.

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Frequently Asked Landscape Lighting Installation in Royal Oak MI Questions

Many homeowners avoid installing outdoor lighting because they think it will increase their utility bill costs. This could be true if you use standard bulbs, but the increase in cost is relatively low when you use LED bulbs. We use energy-efficient lights that consume low energy, and landscaping of 20 lights would consume under 18 kilowatts of electricity per month, which will cost around $5 a month. It’s a relatively low price to pay, especially when you consider how beautiful your landscape will be and how your house will be safer.

Our customers’ satisfaction is one of our biggest priorities, and we work hard to deliver a proficient job. For that reason, each of our workers has extensive training and all the licenses required to perform a professional landscape lighting installation job. They will work to deliver a quick and efficiently done job. We offer a (5) year warranty on all landscape lighting products that we install and a (1) year labor warranty on the same.

Our prices for landscape lighting installation depends on the areas where you want to install lights, the number of lights, and the type of lights we use. If you wish to get a personalized quote, contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.

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