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The sprinkler system is one of the best options to keep your landscape healthy and beautiful. It is a great investment because a sprinkler system will control the exact amount of water being used, thus reducing both waste and costly water bills compared to manual irrigation. You can also adjust the system to optimize the use according to the season and time. If you want to take advantage of your system, you should consider Tri-County for your sprinkler system upgrades in Oakland County MI. Our company believes that we can make your sprinkler system work more efficiently than it already does and that is why we provide a wide range of upgrade options for our customers.

Our Various Irrigation System Upgrades Services

Water Conserving Sprinkler Heads

Spray sprinkle nozzles are the most common in sprinkler systems, but a lot of water can get lost in the air or due to evaporation. Rotary water-conserving sprinkler heads spray heavier water droplets, thus preventing them from evaporating before reaching the lawn. In turn, these sprinklers will use less water than standard sprinkler nozzles. They run water more efficiently and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Our team can provide you guidance on choosing the best water-conserving sprinkler heads for your irrigation system.

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New/Additional Zones

One of the most efficient ways to upgrade your sprinkler system is by installing controllers. We offer smart WIFI sprinkler systems that include controllers and timers that you can adjust for the weather, the season, the plants on your landscape, the soil type, and slope. These controllers also adjust for the rain to prevent the plants from overwatering. You can easily control it from your phone and reduce water waste drastically. Our sprinkler controllers are also more convenient, so you won’t need to adjust the system manually. We have a huge selection of smart sprinkler controllers and will teach you the right way to utilize them.

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Fertigation & Mosquito Repellant Injection Systems

Getting rid of mosquitos and other insects has never been easier than with our pest control system. We provide you with a safe and environmentally friendly solution that will spread perfect amounts of the product into all your landscape when sprayed through our injection system. It is pretty easy to operate and will give you peace of mind knowing that you will no longer have to deal with mosquitos. Our machine also works as a fertigation system, injecting fertilizer alongside the mosquito repellant product, giving you dual benefits from the same product.

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Benefits Of Our Sprinkler System Upgrades
In Oakland County MI

Sprinkler systems wear out and need to be upgraded every once in a while to make sure it functions perfectly. To maintain peak efficiency in a sprinkler system, one must identify the signs that your sprinkler system requires an upgrade. For example, adding more lawn areas, a new garden, noticing an increase in water costs, or noticing dead spots in the lawn, are all signs that you should consider an upgrade. We have different upgrading options for all price ranges. We will happily help you discover your unique needs when you consult with us for your Oakland County MI sprinkler system upgrades.

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Frequently Asked Sprinkler System Upgrades Questions

We want to protect your landscape and your wallet. That is why any sprinkler system upgrades you hire us for will be protected by a warranty. All our irrigation products have a 3-year warranty in addition to a 1-year labor warranty on anything else.

We can audit and determine if your sprinkler system needs an upgrade, but there are certain signs that you should pay attention to. If your landscape is growing or you’re adding a new garden, you should consider upgrading it. If your system is suffering leaks or you notice dry spots on the lawn, you should contact an irrigation system company. Other signs include when the water bill is too high or when you have to perform frequent repairs.

The cost for sprinkler system upgrades will depend on the size of the landscape and the type of upgrades you require. Contact us, and we will provide a personalized quote for you.

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