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One of the best ways to keep your lawn looking lush and healthy and keep your property looking its best all year round is by having a reliable and perfectly working sprinkler system. A good quality, professionally installed sprinkler system is essential for having a landscape that stands out for all the right reasons. It also ensures that you can fully enjoy your lawn during the warmer months while still being able to have a well-maintained and cared for lawn during the colder months as well. At Tri-County Services, we provide the leading sprinkler installation in Oakland County MI. We have an ever-growing list of loyal and happy customers who have greatly benefited from our services. If you would like your own high-quality and professionally installed sprinkler system for an unbeatable price, give us a call today!

Our Various Sprinkler Installation Services

Hunter sprinkler installation

As a homeowner, you no doubt only want the best sprinkler system at your property. This is why we are experts in installing some of the leading brands in the world, including the Hunter Sprinkler System. This system will give your lawn the perfect amount of watering during each month so you can end up with a lush, healthy landscape every month of the year. For a sprinkler system that is durable and reliable installed by professionals, use Tri-County Services for your sprinkler installation in Oakland County MI.

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Rainbird sprinkler installation

As well as the Hunter sprinkler installations, our highly trained and qualified team of technicians are also experts at installing Rain Bird Sprinkler Systems. Like the Hunter systems, Rain Bird systems are reliable, durable, and can have a huge positive impact on the growth, color, and health of your landscape as long as professionals install the system. With a Rain Bird System, the appearance of your landscape and property will be improved to be more beautiful than ever before. Our friendly team is happy to discuss which system is right for you.

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Smart WiFi controllers

Having a smart system allows you to control your sprinkler system from your mobile, tablet, and other electronic devices. Having this option means you no longer have to use a manual timer, deal with the consequences of forgetting to turn your system on or off, and still have complete control even when you are away from home. Your lawn will look its best when you have control everywhere at any time.

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Benefits of Our Sprinkler Installation in Oakland County MI

When you use our services for professional sprinkler installation in Oakland County MI, you get a heap of benefits as well. At Tri-County Services, we want you to have the ultimate experience with every aspect of the work. This means that we deliver outstanding results, we provide fantastic and personalized customer care and attention, and of course, we always have unbeatable prices. As well as all this, we also offer a 3-year warranty on all sprinkler installations, so you can feel certain that you are in the right hands. At Tri-County Services, we are committed to providing the highest quality of work and professionalism. We assure you that you will never find a better company for all types of sprinkler installation services in Oakland County MI.

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We value all our customers, and we will take care of every aspect of your project for you from the moment you request a quote. Each client’s needs are unique, and that’s why we provide a free and personalized estimate!


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Our team offers flexible scheduling for all our customers, and once you have received a detailed quote you can set a day and time that’s most convenient for you. For some projects, you don’t even need to be home for service day!


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We take care of every aspect of your irrigation and lighting project from start to finish so that you can focus on the more important things in life. Just sit back and relax as our team works on creating the perfect sprinkler or lighting system. 

Frequently Asked Oakland MI Sprinkler Installation Questions

Depending on the weather, the best times for start-up are usually done in April and May. However, so long as the nighttime temperature is no longer below freezing, then it’s safe to start up your system. If you are unsure about what to do, just get in touch to make an appointment for us to do it for you.

At Tri-County Services, we carry out our winterizations during the first week of October. All our winterizations come with a no-freeze guarantee, so be sure to get yours booked in as soon as possible.

At Tri-County Services, we will always give you the lowest price possible for all our services. To do this, we charge you for only the work you need doing and never anything more as some companies do. We provide everyone interested in our sprinkler installation in Oakland County MI with a free, personalized quote to see exactly what you’re paying for.

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